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home remedies for cough and cold faster

 A lip balm is a beauty product that every girl holds with herself at all times. Lip balm provides moisture to your lips and keeps them hydrated. If the lip balm is natural, then it also gives the lips a soft pink shade naturally as well. A slight color in the lip balm will provide light shade and shine for your lips. Regular use of lip balm will keep your lips healthy and protect them from drying. But it may be that you are using lip balm, which is full of artificial colors and chemicals in the market. The use of these lip balm can cause more harm than good. To keep your lips away from any kind of damage, you should make your own lip balm. A homemade lip balm will provide you all the benefits and will not have any side effects. Read on to learn the easiest way to make your own lip balm.
First method
·         Bee wax or petroleum jelly
·         coconut oil
·         Rose Essential Oil
·         A small container
Method: Melt some drops of one tablespoon wax or petroleum jelly and coconut oil. Do not make them too much health and when the temperature is normal, now add two to three drops of Essential Oil every day. Mix it well and put the mixture in a small container. Allow the mixture to be set for some time and use it after it is completely cold.
Second way
·         Wax
·         coconut oil
·         Peppermintenic oil or lavender oil or raw honey
·         Food color or shadow of color for color
·         coconut oil
·         Small container
Method- First of all, heat wax and peppermint oil in a vessel and let them melted and blend properly. Do not overheat the mixture too much. You can also use petroleum jelly instead of wax. Once the wax and oil arrive at a normal temperature, it adds a color of food. You can sprinkle your favorite eye shadow instead of food color. Now mix them well. Now add some drops of essential oils in the mixture. Put the mixture in a small container and place it inside the refrigerator. After a few hours, your lip balm is ready to use.

Third way
·         Wax or petroleum jelly
·         cocoa butter
·         Sweet almond oil
·         Honey
·         Small container
Method- Take a big spoon beet or petroleum jelly, half teaspoon cocoa butter and 4 spoons sweet almond oil and heat them on medium flame. Once the wax melts, take it off from the flame and mix one teaspoon honey for taste. Now to mix all the ingredients again, heat the mixture for a while. Later, add some drops of essential oils. Put the solution in a container and let it cool down.  SING OF VOMITING AND DIARRHEA | Most of the children are known to eat in a boisterous manner, and often their parents scold them and refuse to eat anything. But children are children, where is that much understanding? In such a situation, they hide from their parents and think of eating something! Many times children also eat raw or undercooked things or eat something that makes their stomach upset! Stomach bugs develop after a stomach upset or are a victim of food poisoning. This can occur from drinking contaminated food or water and may last for a few days.

Here are some tips to deal with such harmful bacteria:
Gastroenteritis shows signs of vomiting and diarrhea. Signs of dehydration can also be seen.

Stomach ache and cramps
Muscle stiffness and pain
If your child is not urinating at regular intervals
Lack of saliva or dry mouth
102 F and above
Lack of energy and fatigue
Mood changes and irritability
All these symptoms like blood or pus in the stool and the color of the stool are signs of danger, in such a situation, you should consult a doctor immediately.
Methods of protection
Maintain cleanliness
Make sure you are feeding your child cooked food
Keep the floor clean
Toys should be cleaned every day, especially if your child puts them in his mouth while playing
Stop playing in mud and sand

Treatment options
Liquid substance
Since vomiting and diarrhea cause a large amount of fluid loss from the body of children. Therefore, the first step for the first treatment at home should be to give your child an adequate amount of water. Dehydration can be a major cause for concern and it can lead to many problems later. You can mix ORS. Apart from this, some juice can also be given.

Avoid giving your child dairy products such as milk and yogurt as this may worsen their condition. Once your child starts feeling better, start eating slowly. However, give the food in kind rather than solid! Small pieces of rice, bread toast and banana will help. Lighter chicken or vegetable soup also helps to tie the stomach. Note that you should avoid spicy, fried or fatty foods that are rich in acids.

Consult your family physician or gastroenterologist on time. Antibiotics do not help fight the virus and seeking medical help in the right way will help treat the infection. Also, consult your doctor for your child's fever as the doses of medicines for children and adults vary. There are many kinds of health problems when there is a problem of diabetes, the problem of mouth odor is also related to it. People generally follow their diet after the funk of the mouth. It is also right, but if the person is suffering from diabetes, then this disease can also be responsible for it. Apart from this, other problems associated with the tooth in diabetic patients also increase. In this article, find out more about the relationship between diabetes and mouth odor.
Bad Breath & Diabetes in Hindi

Diabetes and mouth odor
The problem of breathlessness can be higher in diabetic patients. Because diabetics may have many mouth-related problems. Actually, our alveolar bone of the teeth and periodontal ligaments are connected to the muscles. Periodontal ligaments of the person who does not get control of diabetes can become weak.

This creates an empty space between the teeth and after eating some parts of the food remain in these teeth and harm them. Due to this, bacteria are produced in the teeth and gums, causing serious condition and mouth odor. Apart from this, the person may also suffer from diarrhea with diarrhea. In such cases, the tooth starts weakening, and sometimes the swelling and intense pain in the gums begin.

There are other infections
Patients with diabetes also have other mouth-related problems, the main reason for this is the infection in the gums with teeth. Because of this, it is also necessary to uproot the teeth later. The color of teeth of diabetic patients also changes, which becomes dark or dark brown. Bacteria or other infections can also occur with small pores in the gums, which together with blood cause other small diseases.

How quickly other diabetes sufferers in diabetic patients will depend on the amount of sugar present in the blood of diabetic patients. Keep in mind that control of diabetes cannot be controlled only with the care of the mouth. There is a need to take special care on disciplined and controlled routines and catering.

Prevention of mouth odor
The odor of the mouth caused due to diabetes can be overcome to some degree. For this, pay special attention to clean teeth, brushed at least twice a day. Drink plenty of water, it will release the toxic substances of the body and mouth with the body will also be healthy. Do not use mouthwash and gel, because it contains alcohol and this can cause bad facial deformity.
home remedies for cough and cold | Compared to adults, children are easily infected with the flu. Fast breathing or shortness of breath, pain on the lips or face, chest pain, stretch in the ribs with each breath, severe muscular pain, dehydration, fever or cough, but after this problem once If the situation comes again, the situation gets worse. Therefore preparing your children for the flu season becomes really important.
Best Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Flu Season
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Right catering
Adult or child, healthy eating is very important to all. Whatever you eat affects your immune system directly. While eating, children are very selective, but as a parent, you do not really want to see your child sick. Providing a healthy diet to your child not only gives them enough energy to concentrate but also strengthens their immune system. So make your food healthy, change junk food into healthy food.

Keep your hands clean
Hand wash is one of the best ways to stop germs from spreading. It is really difficult for the children to follow healthy habits but it is important to protect them from diseases. Make sure that whenever your children return from school, they should wash their hands thoroughly and eliminate germs. When they are out for school or picnic, they can give them a sanitizer so that they can stay away from germs. Washing hands before and after eating can reduce the risk of getting pests, flu and other infections of germs.

Good sleep
Appropriate physical comfort is important for both parents and children. Sleep is essential for good health. Bring your children to bed so that they can be stress-free and fresh in the morning. This will also benefit you. Different studies show that sleep has a major effect on your child's immune system. A sufficient amount of sleep helps fight disease.

Adopt healthy habits
home remedies for cough and cold,home remedies for cough for kids,supressing a cough,home remedies for cough for kids,how to get rid of dry cough
If you are sick, always learn to cover them with nose and mouth snacks when they cough or sneeze. Such habits can help prevent others from getting sick. Respiratory diseases such as flu or common cold spread in every sneeze and live in the air for long periods of time. So teach your children such habits that prevent your children from falling ill with other people as well.

Avoid touching face while going to school
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), research shows that the health of the students is linked to their academic achievement. Children are really careless and their habit of disturbing each other at school is extraordinary. Ask your children to avoid touching each other's face in school because it can infect another person.

Home remedies for cough
home remedies for cough and cold,home remedies for cough for kids,supressing a cough,home remedies for cough for kids,how to get rid of dry cough
You can use these home remedies to treat cough instead of taking counter drugs:

1. honey:  it is a rich, peaceful, which has high viscosity and viscosity, which is coating and those irritable mucous membranes Do an incredible job to calm down You can make your own remedy at home by mixing herbal teas or 2 teaspoons of honey with warm water and lemon.
Swallow one teaspoon of plain honey on the empty stomach, for the extra benefit from the analgesic properties of honey.

2. Garnishing with salt and water:  Mix half teaspoons of salt in a hot water cup, to form a disinfectant solution that heats a swollen throat and frees cough. It can also help to effectively remove the phlegm.

3. Steam: Steam can help mucus and cough lose immediately.

4. Turmeric:  Grind turmeric root, grind it. Add water and honey and drink it twice in a day Alternatively, make a herbal tea by adding one spoon of turmeric powder and one spoon of carom seeds in a cup of boiling water.
You can also drink turmeric in the hot milk glass.

5. Mint:  Menthol in the mint wash induces the throat and acts as a defendant, helps break the mucus. You can get relief from drinking peppermint tea or breathing in mint vapors in a steam bath.

6. Tea Apples Flowers: Oregano flowers give rest to the muscles of the trachea and bronchi, and also open the airways. You can make a thyme tea by adding 2 spoons of thyme of the crushed leaf, 1 cup of boiling water.

7. Stay hydrated:  Drinking fluid helps in diluting mucus in the postnasal drip. Hydration also has a positive effect on your immune function. Drink hot water to calm your throat.

8. Hot Soup:  Hot broth and soups are pleasing to the throat and are especially useful in coughing with cold and flu. They contain spicy foods like onions, garlic, ginger and black pepper that work. As you sow hot soup, in these herbs, the vapor with a volatile active agent enters your airway and covers mucus, while the hot liquid calms your throat.

9. Dried ginger and black pepper:  A mixture of dried ginger and black pepper is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for cough. You need to put only a small pinch of this mixture on your tongue. Ms. is often added to this mixture so that it is easy on the palate.

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